Pet or Show, Quality is our concern!

Wyndam Field Dachshunds (WYNDOX) is no longer an active breeding kennel.


A responsible breeder utilizes only healthy dogs from one beloved breed. To qualify as healthy breeding stock they must be tested for health and genetic problems indicative of that particular breed. Responsible breeding practices include weighing the balance of confirmation and inheritance.

Some of these tests might include:
CERF, to screen for cataracts or other inheritable eye diseases.
BAER, to determine that the dog can hear in both ears.
OFA of hips and patellas, to screen against hip dysplasia and luxating patellas.

Dam and Sire must:
Be AKC registered.
Be outstanding specimens of the breed.
Conform to the breed standard and have worked toward or completed their AKC championship titles.
Have sound health and temperaments, with traits that are complimentary to one another.

The Responsible Breeder's Goal is The Long-Term Betterment of the Breed.

Responsible Breeding - Time Consuming and Expensive
Responsible breeders usually make little or no monetary profit. Whelping care and expenses are usually considerable. Whether or not a Cesarean Section is required, it should always be planned for. Being on 24 hour call for the first few weeks is a necessity. A warm, quiet and safe environment is essential for the whelping pen location.

A responsible breeder provides the following care for puppies before they are placed in a home:
Thoroughly screens each potential new owner, making sure that they are as good a match for the puppy's personality, and can provide adequate care and nurturing.
Does not release puppies until 8-12 weeks of age.
Has provided at least two series of initial immunizations.
Has dew claws removed.
Has been properly socialized - puppies should have ample interaction with the mother, siblings, and other members of the household, and should meet as many different people as possible in a safe and controlled environment.

A responsible breeder provides the following services after the puppy leaves for a new home:
Sends the owners home with supplies necessary to care for new puppy (which can include food, dishes, collar, grooming tools, crate and bedding, toy, a training book, etc).
Follows up to make sure the pup is adjusting well.
Answers any questions the new owners might have, and continually offers support.
For the life of the dog, agrees to take puppy back should any problems arise.

We at Wyndam Field Dachshunds subscribe to all of the above testing and practices.  We also believe that a few well thought out breedings can produce excellent confirmation and happy puppies.   Quantity does not equate to Quality.