Wyndam Field Dachshunds has found their beautiful permanent location in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, Washington.  In July 2014 we found a home on a little over one acre located next to Puget Sound.  The home had a 2700 square foot home with an exiting kennel room and yard.  It also has a 1440 square foot shop for my husband.  There is always something to make or repair associated with the upkeep of these furry friends and now he has the space to do that.

After moving in we immediately started to personalize the kennel room with indoor/outdoor space, a grooming area, medical preparation counter and teaching counter for those active in the AKC show ring.  A new grass yard for our companions to explore and enjoy the outdoors was layed and appropriate drainage with assured.  We feel very luck to have found this home and we will be here until we join our companions at the Rainbow Bridge.

We welcome anyone that would like to visit Wyndam Field Dachshunds with an appointment.  We always like to show off these terrific canines that like to keep us smiling.