There was LOVE.

Wyndam Field came about because of the love we have for the animal kingdom and our deep affection for the Dachshund.

Both my husband and I grew up with beloved family pets so it was in the natural course of things that we would provide our own children with pets to love and care for. Over the next 25 years we have owned Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Bouviers, Basset Hounds and "Dachshunds. Many of these dogs were given to us by people that couldn't or didn't want to care for them.

RudyIn 1994 we acquired our first dachshund, "Rudolph's Tasmanian Whirlwind ML", when a family that didn't spay and neuter their family pets was surprised by a litter of three dachshund puppies.

One evening after coming home from work I was greeted by my husband and children. They had a sad story to tell. It seems that they had given our Bassett Hound, Tinkerbell, a bath and in their words, "Tinkerbell has shrunk".

They brought me into the master bedroom and proceeded to pull back the covers on the bed. Low and behold lay this tiny little bundle snuggled as close as possible to my husband. Those were the sleeping arrangements until Rudy went to the Rainbow Bridge in October 2008.

"Rudy" was our constant companion from that day forward bringing great joy and many wonderful moments of laughter and delight. He was a soul with a heart as big as all outdoors.

As we learned more about the Dachshund breed we realized that he had many faults, none though that took away from his wonderful personality and devotion. Rudy had never been used for breeding. He was neutered at the age of six months.

As we pondered the name of our kennel we watched the behavior of our beloved Rudy and saw that he never seemed to take a straight path to his goal, so became "Wyndam Field Dachshunds". The word Wyndam being Old English for "the field with the winding path.

In June of 2003 we acquired our foundation female, Foxfire Pearl D'apple Pie ML (Pearl). After extensive research we felt we had found an excellent representation of the breed with Pearl in confirmation, temperment and health.

In April of 2004 we acquired Patrick Michael O'Mally ML (Patrick - pictured at top of page). Our good luck charm, Patrick, is from two outstanding lines. His sire is "CH Wagsmore's From This Day F'Ward" and his dam is "Ch Car-Rae's Cocoa Krispies ML". Patrick has become an AKC, Canadian and International Champion.

We started our breeding program in December 2005 with the whelping of our first litter of dachshunds.  Wyndox Holiday Celebration ML was born to Patrick and Pearl, a Black and Tan Dapple female we called Georgia.  Since that time we have added Red, Cream, Cream Brindle, Black and Cream, and Chocolate and Tan to our original color or Black and Tan and Black and Tan Dapples.  (Brindle and Dapple are a pattern - NOT a color)

Along with our constant concern for the well being of our charges we are active members of the Cascade Dachshund Club in Washington State, founding members of the All Hounds Club of Bellingham and are in the process of applying for membership with the Dachshund Club of America.  We enjoy helping to make the activities associated with our breed fun for both human and canine.  It is always a good thing to allow our dachshund to pursue the job they were bred to do.  This can be achieved by participating in Earthdog and Field Trials.  Our dogs also enjoy Obedience, Rally, Tracking and  many other AKC sanctioned activities.
Now we are making history in the show ring and in the hearts of dachshund lovers. We are now seeing champion "Wyndox" dogs emerging from the show ring and creating continuous laughter and giggles for the children in our homes .